Eamon F. McGovern



Eamon has extensive experience and draws on over 25 years of experience — ten years on the insurance carrier side (MetLife, United Healthcare, Liberty Mutual, and Aetna) and the balance as a health and welfare benefits insurance consultant.

Eamon fully understands how to obtain fair pricing for your employee benefits package. This knowledge is crucial for you the client to run your business in a responsible manner as insurance policies should not have any surprises as the policies are designed to protect against surprises and the unexpected.

During the past 25 years, some of the industries that Eamon has worked extensively with:

Auto Manufacturing

Banking – Investment and Micro Finance

Commodity Trading


Education – Tertiary, Secondary and Primary

Equity Trading

Heavy Equipment and Truck Manufacturing

Hospitality – Hotels and Restaurants both national chains and regional establishments

Retail – Women’s Apparel, General Merchandise

Transportation – International container shipping


Linda McGovern



Linda began her career with MetLife in 1983 and was part of the divestiture when the medical business spun off to become an integral piece of what is the current UnitedHealthcare. Drawing on her 18 years of experience in the insurance industry, Linda is responsible for maintaining and running the day-to- day operations of the firm.

Client satisfaction is paramount to Linda, so any issue that requires handling with kid gloves, Linda is involved to work towards a positive outcome. The knowledge required to work through the intricacies of an insurance company has proven to be invaluable.

Previous clientele that Linda has been engaged directly with:

Non-profit Research and Education Institution for

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Worldwide Resorts and Luxury Vacations*

Multinational Music

Worldwide Luxury Skincare*

Multinational Oil and Gas Corporations*

Luxury Goods Conglomerate*

Multinational Electronics Company*