Our primary commitment is to our clients and in building a solid and dedicated partnership. We provide an ongoing dialogue and education to you.  If we see a developing trend that could affect your benefits program, we will contact you and advise you accordingly.  Although the insurance industry and relevant laws are ever changing, we will focus on what influences and affects both your operations and employees.

A principle objective that seems to be taboo with a typical insurance broker is the remuneration received from the insurance contracts.  At S&A Benefits, acting as your consultant, we believe in transparency of remuneration and full disclosure of commissions. Through our engagement letter, we outline the expected commission payment.  After the close of the policy year, the Schedule A provided by the insurance carrier for the Form 5500 filling, it should closely match the engagement letter. As a trusted advisor sitting on your side of the table, we want you to know what we earn, the same as you would expect from your audit or law firm.


 Eamon F. McGovern holds the following licenses for verification of good standing:

  • Connecticut License 2366977
  • District of Columbia 2888739
  • Louisiana License 673290
  • Maryland License 2183965
  • Nevada License 1026035
  • New Jersey License 9695615
  • New York License LA-897151