Thanks for checking out our library.  We wanted to provide you access to some commonly requested documents. Feel free to use and share these documents as you see fit.  Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us so we can further assist you.

Many employers face the dilemma — what actually does the employee population require for benefits?  How can we assist our employees?  Click on Sample Employee Survey below to download this document.  You may wish to customize, or you may want to know what your competitors are offering.

For those employers who offer Domestic Partners coverage under the benefit plan for the current tax law, there are issues with imputed income on the premium payment for the benefit plan as the IRS does not recognize parity between a Marriage and a Domestic Partnership.

The document below, Imputed Income for Domestic Partnerships, provides guidance on the issues of taxes with the Federal Guidelines. We are not advisors and do not provide guidance, therefore this information is only for your education when working with your tax advisor.

Every employer should clearly understand the arrangement that they enter in with their Broker / Consultant.  Although these arrangements are typically month to month, are you aware of the depth and breadth of what your advisor is providing? The document below, Employee Benefits Services, addresses some of the key services offered and is only a brief list of what is provided.